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Cabinet lighting serves as a vital component in kitchen updates or renovations, offering a plethora of benefits. Positioned directly beneath cabinets, it comes in diverse types, each with its advantages. Particularly advantageous for kitchens with perimeter countertops, where workspace can be overshadowed, these lights are mounted underneath upper wall cabinets, offering more than just aesthetic appeal for your Tampa Bay and Southwest Florida residence. If you’re contemplating the installation of these fixtures, we’ll explore the available types and the overarching advantages of under cabinet lighting, also known as underlighting.

Types of Cabinet Lighting

Various installation methods exist for cabinet lighting. Depending on the system, they can be battery-operated, necessitating individual activation for each light, or plug-in models, which are controlled via a switch on the device. Hard-wired lights are integrated into your electrical system and require the expertise of an electrician for installation.

Cabinet light fixtures come in the following varieties:

In addition, under cabinet lighting can feature the bulbs of your choice, including incandescent, halogen, or energy-saving LED lights.

Under Cabinet Lighting Benefits

Many homeowners aren’t sure whether underlighting is for them. If you’re still deciding, here are some of the benefits that under cabinet lighting can provide:

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