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Interview With Sarykarmen Rivera From WFTS News on Tampa Bay Morning Blend | Nov 16

Sarykarmen Rivera: We are slowly starting to turn off our ac units and perhaps opening the windows at the house or apartment, which means it’s time to check that those units are working properly and to provide some guidance, we have our friend Dan Billingsley from Heatwave Cooling Heating and Plumbing with us today. Welcome, Dan.

Dan Billingsley: Thanks for having me.

Sarykarmen Rivera: Of course, and you know it, like I mentioned, it’s time to check those units.

Dan Billingsley: Yeah

Sarykarmen Rivera: What is the right time to get somebody like your guys in the house checking those units properly?

Dan Billingsley: Well, right now, your AC’s just kind of quit running so hard after the last several months of heat; you know the temperature’s cooling down. Now’s a good time to get it checked out; make sure everything’s still in proper working order; make sure you’re heat works before the couple days you’re gonna need it pretty soon it’s not to far out. Um and make sure everything’s still going again for the you know, cause it won’t be very long after that it’ll be hot again.

Sarykarmen Rivera: That’s right it’s kind of like one of those times when you have to do the, the checklist right?

Dan Billingsley: Yeah.

Sarykarmen Rivera: In that checklist for anybody that has problems with their unit and they’re thinking about getting one soon, we were talking before we started with the show that, there’s something happening January 1st, tell me about that and how it’s going to impact people at home.

Dan Billingsley: So there’s new energy regulations coming out with air conditioning beginning January 1st. Um, they’re predicting price increases, substantial price increases on new equipment that meets the new energy guidelines, so if you’ve been putting off replacing the unit for whatever reason, um the price is only gonna go up a lot on you come January 1st and so on.

Sarykarmen Rivera: Wow, so basically the message here is to get that inspection in and if there’s any parts that need to be replaced to do so right?

Dan Billingsley: Yeah, keep your system running good at tip-top shape or get it replaced before there’s a substantial increase.

Sarykarmen Rivera: Wow, and are we talking just you know, ac or is there anything else that is going to impact that raise perhaps in the beginning of the year?

Dan Billingsley: So that’s just basically ac new units.

Sarykarmen Rivera: Which are tremendously needed here in the state of Florida! We don’t want to pay more. Alright so you know we’re approaching, as you mentioned, you know, the time when the ac starts kind ah dwindling down in terms of use. Anything else you’d like to add to you know any signs at the house that could let us know, hey, it’s time for you to get the inspection?

Dan Billingsley: Um, if you see like some dirts around your vents on your ceilings, um, if you’re getting the abnormal condensation on your windows stuff like that, that is out of the ordinary.

Sarykarmen Rivera: It’s usually a sign.

Dan Billingsley: There’s a sign something’s going on.

Sarykarmen Rivera: Do we call you directly, or do you want us to kind of wait a few days to see? Because I know sometimes the ac guys like “Oh just give it a few days and see what happens,” no, right?

Dan Billingsley: Um, you want to get on the schedule because even though it’s November and December, the schedule stays full.

Sarykarmen Rivera: Okay.

Dan Billingsley: So you want to get on the schedule so you can get in the rotation, and we can get out there and see what’s going on, and um, you don’t want let it go because if it breaks before we can get there next thing you know you’re out completely out of ac.

Sarykarmen Rivera: Nobody wants an emergency during the holidays! That’s a no-no, and of course, to get those parts and possibly a new unit and avoid those extra costs starting the new year right?

Dan Billingsley: Yup.

Sarykarmen Rivera: Perfect, Thank you so much for coming to the studio today, Dan.

Dan Billingsley: Thank you.

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