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Interview With Sarykarmen Rivera From WFTS News on Tampa Bay Morning Blend | Oct 10

Sarykarmen Rivera: Having a reliable and honest company to trust when you need a home repair is key these days. And I wanted to introduce you to Dan Billingsley, He is the president of heatwave heating, cooling, and plumbing. And you know he’s strived for all these great comments that you have on your website and everything. Thank you for joining us Dan.

Dan Billingsley: Thanks for having me

Sarykarmen Rivera: You know I know that you take this into heart. You know you value what people say about your company but it goes beyond that. Tell me about your experience so far.

Dan Billingsley: So I’ve been doing air conditioning for 23 years. I’ve owned my company since 2009. We strive for five-star service and 100% customer satisfaction from the time our call center answers the phone which is open seven days a week. We don’t use an outside service.

Sarykarmen Rivera: Oh, Good

Dan Billingsley: And we have technicians on call seven days a week. Between plumbing and air conditioning from the time they answer the phone to the time, our technician arrives at your door. And we also do post calls after the service just to make just to double-check everything because our goal at the end of the day is five-star service.

Sarykarmen Rivera: And this is exactly what your customers are saying on different websites and stuff like that because they do value all the work that you’ve had with your employees, and you obviously want more training more people to join your business and stuff like that. Talk to me about the importance of keeping your line of work in our community.

Dan Billingsley: So everybody knows There’s a big labor shortage. So what we do is we bring in new people into the trade, we train them just like I was trained 20-some years ago from scratch. We have online training platforms, we have our own training room at our office and then you know between right along certifications, etc. So we can bring people in the training, and it’s great training, and they can make a good living and do it for a long time

Sarykarmen Rivera: and you are hands-on training these guys. Right? I mean, this is what you value the most you get to go out there and tell them this is how I want my customers to feel.

Dan Billingsley: It’s very important to me because, at the end of the day, my name is on every single job.

Sarykarmen Rivera: Okay perfect. And I know you have a deal for our viewers at the learning blend, specifically for people that are looking to get all their units inspected and everything. Tell me about that.

Dan Billingsley: So the deal is a 58-point A C. Tune up an inspection which you should be doing every six months, but now that your air conditioner has been running hard all summer, it’s time to get it done. Um With the 58-point A C. Tuneup inspection. We’re also going to inspect all the ductwork in the attic and make sure everything is working as it should and inspect the indoor air quality in your home and give you a full report when we’re done, and it’s only $49. Normally we charge $89.

Sarykarmen Rivera: Okay, and even the air quality that’s a big deal these days. Huh? You know you get a lot of calls for that.

Dan Billingsley: A lot

Sarykarmen Rivera: Oh wow. So there you have it, of course, the offer for our morning blend viewers, and you can also learn more by visiting their website. It’s on your screen. It’s Thank you so much, Dan, for that information, and of course, you can call them right there at the number on your screen.

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