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Interview With Sarykarmen Rivera From WFTS News on Tampa Bay Morning Blend | Oct 8

Sarykarmen Rivera: Okay…When was the last time you had your air ducts clean? If the answer is never, don’t worry. This is why we have Dan Billingsley, president of heatwave heating, cooling, and plumbing, here with us to talk about some recommendations and even replacement if that’s what’s needed. Thank you, Dan, for coming to the show.

Dan Billingsley: Thanks for having me

Sarykarmen Rivera: And you know we were talking about this is the holy grail cleaning the air ducts correctly. When do you recommend that people do this?

Dan Billingsley: Well, in our market, you should have your ducks cleaned every 2 to 3 years. There’s a lot of stuff in the air that people don’t realize a lot of molds, bacteria, danders, and stuff in there. And then it depends on your home too if you have pets, kids running in and out of the house age or your home, etc.

Sarykarmen Rivera: And you know, sometimes we don’t even think about what we have up there in the attic. This is where the unit is mostly placed in most homes. Right? Is that the standard?

Dan Billingsley: Yeah. Well, at least a third of it is. So a third of your air conditioning system is your ductwork is what brings the cold air around for the house from the air conditioner. Um, 90 plus percent of the houses here, The ductwork runs through the attic, and it’s hot all year long. The ductwork basically bakes in the oven all year long. It gets brittle, the material breaks down, Sometimes it causes leaks that brings in attic air infiltrating the ductwork.

Sarykarmen Rivera: Okay.

Dan Billingsley: You know, which could bring in that insulation fibers from your attic or even just attic area, in general, is not healthy to breathe. So the vents distributing that throughout your home on top of everything else that’s going on.

Sarykarmen Rivera: And I just want to make sure that we have the right information. This is beyond changing the filter, right? Because we may do that month on a monthly basis. This is different?

Dan Billingsley: So, um your ductwork, a good duck system shouldn’t really get dirty as long as you’re cleaning your filter and your air conditioning maintained like you’re supposed to as long as it doesn’t break down, get holes in it, etc.

Sarykarmen Rivera: I got it, and I know that people, perhaps I didn’t even think about all these
scenarios even before Covid, now, after the pandemic, we are more cognizant about these viruses and all these bacteria that could accumulate up there. What’s another tip for them?

Dan Billingsley: So the tip would be to get your air conditioning maintained every six months Just like supposed to. And then part of our air conditioning inspection is we also inspect your ductwork. So we’re gonna go up in your attic every six months after we’re done cleaning your A.C. Unit. We’re going to go through and inspect your ductwork with a
fine tooth comb and make sure it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing

Sarykarmen Rivera: Perfect. And I know you have a special deal for our morning blend viewers
specifically that can help them with that process Right? Tell me about that.

Dan Billingsley: So what we have is our air conditioning tune up. It’s a 58 point inspection. We’re going to clean and inspect your A.C. System. And part of our A.C. Inspection is we also do a full ductwork inspection. So We’re going to crawl through the attic. Inspect your Duck work, make sure everything is exactly what it’s supposed to be. If there’s any issues we’ll let you know. You definitely want to know because most people are going to go crawl around their attic to find out themselves.

Sarykarmen Rivera: and you know we want to keep the healthy environment. So that is the most specifically here in florida when we have these long weeks of just you know, hot weather that that A.C. Is cranking there. Huh?

Dan Billingsley: Every day.

Sarykarmen Rivera: And of course you have more information about this deal for our morning blend viewers. You can log on to or the number on your screen. Thank you dan.

Dan Billingsley: Thanks for having me

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