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Interview With Sarykarmen Rivera From WFTS News on Tampa Bay Morning Blend | Sept 13

Sarykarmen Rivera: Fall season is almost here, but in Tampa Bay, this means the heat will continue for several more weeks.  And this is why it’s so important that your AC units is in optimal condition.  So joining us today is Dan Billingsley.  He is the president of HeatWave Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing.  And so glad you can join us, Dan.  

Dan Billingsley: Thank you for having me.  

Sarykarmen Rivera: Yeah, we were talking about the heat wave in Tampa Bay is here to stay, but let’s dive in about your company.  How did you come up with, first of all, the unique name and second, your strength within the company? 

Dan Billingsley: Well, I’ve been doing air conditioning since 1999.  I started the company in 2009.  There’s kind of a meaning behind this because it’s always a heat wave.  And when it gets hot, people say heat wave all the time.  Heat wave all the time. So I don’t know, just kind of one of those things that just kind of stuck, and that’s what we ran with. 

Sarykarmen Rivera: I love that. And of course, you do more than AC and checkups like that. Tell me about the other services that you guys offer. 

Dan Billingsley: We offer full plumbing services and we do duct cleaning and indoor air quality

Sarykarmen Rivera: And the duck cleaning and indoor quality is one of the things that a lot of people are looking into right now. Tell me about how important that is to keep that always on a schedule for checkups. 

Dan Billingsley: So your AC, your air conditioner should be maintained twice a year, every six months. We recommend just like going to the dentist, you’d go get your teeth cleaned every six months. Air conditioning is the same way, especially here. Air conditioner runs all year round, so it’s like driving your car cross country. You wouldn’t do it without getting the oil changed. You want to get it checked up. You want to make sure everything’s working fine, especially this time of year. It’s ran hard for several months on end, and it’s time to get it checked up, make sure it’s still working. Like anything that’s kind of worn out over the summer, make sure it doesn’t break down unnecessarily on you unexpectedly. It always happens on the hottest day or the weekend. 

Sarykarmen Rivera: Never fails.  Why is that, Dan? Come on, you got to tell me.

Dan Billingsley: I don’t have an answer to that one. 

Sarykarmen Rivera: It’s just happens, right?

Dan Billingsley: Yeah, it’s the way it goes.

Sarykarmen Rivera: That’s why it’s important to always have that every six months. 

Dan Billingsley: Yeah, you want to make sure it’s clean. It runs all the time. They get dirty, they overheat. There’s a lot of moving parts. 

Sarykarmen Rivera: Yeah, absolutely. Tell me about what do you take pridemost with your company when it comes to service and this knowledge that you have? I mean, you mentioned more than 20 years in the business. 

Dan Billingsley: Yeah, 23 years. My employees, everyone certified. We have different certifications.  We do. We train in house. We like bringing new guys into the trade or girls into the trade and train them. I think that kind of giving back because there’s a big labor shortage, and the only way to solve that is to bring new people into the trade and trainthem the way I was trained 20 some years ago. 

Sarykarmen Rivera: So important right now to keep those jobs flourishing in the community. Specifically, I know there’s something for Morning Blend viewers right now. Specifically, as you mentioned, it’s every six months check up. This is a prime opportunity for that. Tell me about the deal. 

Dan Billingsley: So what the deal is, is to get your 58 point AC tune up for $49. Normally we charge $89 for it, but since we’re here, we kind of worked it out. 

Sarykarmen Rivera: I love that. And of course, that’s exclusively for a morning, but an audience and where can they go to get more information for that?

Dan Billingsley:  you can go to our website, it’s www. heatwavehvac. com,or you can give us a call at 727-7622 nine.  

Sarykarmen Rivera: Excellent. Of course, do not let, don’t wait actually on that to happen on a crazy hot day. Make sure you get that inspection by HeatwaveHVAC. com, the website to do all that. Thank you so much, Dan.  

Dan Billingsley: Thanks for having me.  Bye.

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